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About Us

A global multi-functional audio streaming service for the most futuristic experience of listening! Listen to Audio stories, Poems, Guided meditation courses, Sleepcast and sleep sounds, Podcasts on hundreds of topics, Classical instrumental & raga music, and more!


“What’s in a name!”

The space is a huge philosophical influencer in our fundamental brand values.

Voyezr is named after the famous Nasa space probe Voyager 1, which is now traveling the interstellar universe. We believe that we all are travelers. We want our listeners to travel to the different worlds of experiences, knowledge, and tranquility- through listening!


The future we are part of:

The future is here. The future of social & economical behavior, general communication, relationships, education, livelihood, finance, politics, and every other thing that can be impacted by technological innovations and interferences- are being built, tested, and integrated right now in our daily lives. We are shifting from the age of information towards the age of skill and automation. With this, the way we consume media and communicate our thoughts is also changing.

Consumer behavior on the internet is changing dynamically with new modes of communication and consumption being introduced and established very fast.  Big tech brands like Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Amazon, & Twitter are making moves to influence the change in the paradigm of social engagement and content consumptions in cyberspace.

In this soon-to-be-reality mayhem, where do we and our venture stand?

We are creating an ecosystem that is pro-humanity, with its core objective being empowering a large number of people to

-Practice knowledge, 

-Utilize the power of imagination and visualization, 

-Stay calm in the present, and 

-Practice a positive mindset at all times. 

Audio is the future of internet social engagement and content consumption. We want to use technological innovation to reverse the negative effects caused by the technology itself!


Getting back to listening! Getting back to betterness!

Listening has been an integral part of human lives since the beginning of civilization. Voyezr solves all problems related to accessing premium audio content irrespective of geographical, linguistic, or any other barriers.


Built for everyone from everywhere!

Voyezr will support content in more than 10 languages that are spoken by billions of people, worldwide. Our global-local approach aims to put ‘inclusion’ on top priority. With different languages, we open doors to different worlds.


Space is the limit. Or not!

Voyezr is a global media-tech brand with target audiences in SEA, Europe, and other parts of the world. With a global-local approach, we aim to become a loved, recognized, and valued brand across the globe.


Multi-functional global audio streaming platform.

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